The Westerly Longbow

Designed by Laurent Giles with the first example launched in 1972, the Westerly Longbow is a solid traditional fin keel cruiser. As with all Westerlys of the period, they were built to Lloyds specifications which meant that the building processes were rigorously monitored and all materials had to be approved by Lloyds in order that a certificate could be issued. Although now long out of production they still offer an excellent combination of solid construction, performance under sail and accommodation space.

The Longbow has a theoretical hull speed of 7.5 knots under sail and about 6.5 knots under engine. Dependant on weather conditions, a 5 knot average for passage planning is easily obtained. The cockpit is deep, the side-decks are wide and the whole set-up on deck is very reassuring. The engine compartment, which is spacious, is easily accessible from the cockpit hatch and the main saloon.